Terms and Conditions

Please note that Tabber´s website is available only according to the following Terms and Conditions and is applicable only to Swedish law. Please also be aware that the Terms and Conditions may change over time and it is the customer’s responsibility to update themselves with such changes. It is important to read this information before placing any orders on the website. We reserve the right to only accept orders from individuals over 18 years old. If you are under this age you should have the permission from your parents or your guardian. Tabber Sthlm is the registered owner of copyrights regarding and relating to our name and logotype. The trade marks of designs, images, photos, logos, texts, graphics is licensed or owned by TABBER. It is only allowed to use any of this information if this copyright permission is included and that the material is for non-commercial or personal purpose. You are not without the prior consent from TABBER allowed to modify, duplicate or publish any of the material related to TABBER’s trade marks, licenses, logotypes or material as a copyright owner.

TABBER does not guarantee that the information stated on the homepage is correct all the time. This relates to delivery time, prices, items in stock, discounts, available colours, nuances of colors and type of models. TABBER will cannot take responsibility if the wrong amount has been charged in our web shop, we reserve the right to either cancel your order or to place a new order with the correct pricing. If you have stated your contact information when purchasing the items we will reach out to you in order to give you this information beforehand, and give you the option on how to proceed. If we can’t contact you the order will automatically be cancelled. TABBER is using third party providers for the maintenance and support of the webpage and shop and can’t be held responsible for any errors in texts, material or malfunctions that could evolve in the webpage or shop and that could cause harm to our users.  Regarding all personal contact information TABBER will receive when you place your orders with us we will handle with outmost care. TABBER is therefore not storing any personal information of our customers in our database. 

All orders placed on the webshop inside the European Union is included all taxes and VAT and duties according to Swedish regulations. For orders placed from outside the European Union the goods is shipped on a delivery duty unpaid basis, this means that your local customs in your country may subject you to taxes or import duties and VAT. In order for you to obtain an estimate cost of the order to ship our products to your country please liaise and contact your local postal office or UPS office.

In case of a force majeure incident beyond our control TABBER will not be able to take any responsibility.

The TABBER homepage and online shop is registered in Sweden with the following company information:


VAT SE559167738901